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Tintagel Takeover

Towards the end of September we were invited to attend an incredible event held at the utterly magical Tintagel castle, Hosted by Author, Presenter and chef James Strawbridge along with English heritage a community of Cornish creatives was formed to relive what it would of been like to inhabit the castle all those years ago.

The day consisted of cooking and preparing a big feast on an incredibly rustic cast iron fire pit, the bountiful harvest from mother Natures wild larder included mussels, lobsters, steak and A whole lot of absolute deliciousness.

Some of the other creatives included Rouge Theatre who wrote and performed a magical story whilst the very talented three daft monkeys played beautiful Celtic music in the background.

There were also artists known by the names of Lou Tonkin, Sophia o Connor and Die-Monde who are all immensely skilful at their craft and seeing their process of how they come to bring to life their ideas, was truly fascinating .

The stunning kitchenware set in the photo above was created by the cornish woodsmith, this is what was used for the feast, the only problem we found was that they were so beautiful we didn't want to use them but instead just hang them up as artwork.

We also, after a good few years managed to catch up with our friend Glynn wellington who was one of the main chefs that prepared the feast, not only did he bring his culinary skills to the castle but also some samples of his chilli sauces he is planning on releasing this year, all we can say is once its available go and load up because its utterly, utterly delicious to the point that we used all of ours in less than 48 hours.

Cornish sea salt also made an appearance and showed us all how to make salt on an open fire, not only seeing the process was really interesting but hearing the amount of knowledge they have was mind blowing, we never knew there were so many benefits to good quality salt in the right volumes, all we can say is put down the table salt and pick up the Cornish stuff.

over all it was an absolute Honour to be a part of this Cornish creative community that on a warm Septembers day were blasted back in time to when dragons (allegedly) ruled the skies and the knights of the round table once gathered.

YouTube video coming out soon.

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