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At Pareusi we celebrate people who do things differently and want the things in life that don't exist.

Steak knives can be something truly personal and incredibly special, they are a way of reflecting  your personality,  your uniqueness and are a form of sharp art that can be shared with your friends at an exclusive dinner party, or your customers at your restaurant, they are a way of showing you care about the little details and with all the Michelin starred restaurants we have worked with they will agree with us when we say that its the details that matter.

chef simon martin mana restaurant steak knives

Simon Martin of one Michelin star restaurant Mana in Manchester

custom handmade steak knives
Paul ainsworth knives at No6 in Padstow, Cornwall

Butter knives for Paul Ainsworth at one Michelin star restaurant No6 in Padstow

An incredibly exquisite set of 6 custom steak knives for Matt Abe at three Michelin star restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

matt abe at ramsays steak knives.jpg
Custom steak knives made by hand in cornwall

Violet dooley collaboration knives for one of our private clients

A set of 20 steak knives we created for Mark Poynton at Caistor hall

Bespoke made steak knives

For a free consultation and design briefing, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

steak knives

Bespoke steak knife enquiry form.

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