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Pareusi Cornish pottery

Here at Pareusi we are incredibly excited to have collaborated with local talented potter, Gail Cooper. Working away in her studio, Gail's ceramics are thown together by hand on a potters wheel using local St Agnes clay. Inspiration is taken from surroundings within St Agnes such as textured rocky coves. historical engine houses and chimneys which are always a reminder of Cornwall's wonderful mining heritage and the anemones exposed on the rocks at low tide. The glazes beautifully reflect natural colours found around St Agnes including the sparkling Cornish Sea, seaweeds and ferns, granite and slate.

Having found love for ceramics in secondary school, 30 years later Gail pursued her interest again and attended evening classes at college learning various skills and absorbing as much technical information as possible. After building and setting up her studio for 5 years, Gail is busy throwing, sculpting and glazing to keep up with demand from customers.

After seeing the gorgeous ceramics Gail produces with local products, we knew immediately that we wanted to work with Gail to create a custom design that fits in with our style. The deep blue colour with specks of light blue reflects both the moodiness of the workshop and the Cornish Sea just metres from our workshop whilst the stunning aged gold glaze reminds us of colours found in Cornish slate and it compliments the brass and copper pins we use on the handles of our handmade kitchen knives. The pieces created with this design effortlessly pick up the light, making photographing exquisite dishes extremely easy. Using these plates at a dinner party or just for your everyday meal really improves the experience as once you dine with our

quality handmade ceramics it's hard to reach for any other plate or bowl to serve up on!

If you would like a full set for your home or restaurant please feel free to get in contact.

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