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Kitchen knife
Made in Britain

Made in Great Britain

Award winning kitchen

As featured on TV and BBC radio.

Our knives are loved by many great chefs.

"Our aim is to bring people together, through their passion for cooking"

Mick Leonard

Did the knife making experience with my grandson in May this year, Great couple of days. My grandson works as a chef, he uses his 2 Pareusi knives for work and loves them. I love to cook and use mine every day, it is my go-to knife for 90% of the time. The knives hold their very sharp edge and look as good as they perform.

Raj Khepar

I had a brilliant time making a (if I do say so myself) Stunning knife here at the end of summer. Great guidance, stunning views, friendly conversation and a lovely lunch at the café next door. Highly recommended! Thanks so much!


It was one of the (if not the) best two days with my grandpa and I mean it! It was so much fun and I would recommend it to absolutely everyone!!
Knife making experience
Why choose a Pareusi knife?

All of our kitchen knives are crafted by artisans and are designed by chefs, its this perfect pairing that makes our knives superior in quality and comfort.


The blades are made from 1095 high carbon steel that has been sourced from the smouldering foundries of Sheffield, the reason we use this type of steel is because it holds a much sharper edge for longer than stainless steel.


Our handles are crafted from the very finest species of exotic woods which have been individually picked from our suppliers, we then polish them with beeswax harvested from the beehives across the road.

Forging Knives

knife making experience

join us over two days at our beautiful workshop, overlooking the rugged Cornish coastline and create your very own Pareusi chef knife. 

"Fantastic experience making a knife with Dan at Pareusi. Dan is very knowledgable and keen to take the time to talk you through each part of the process." 

5 star on google reviews

We're a social bunch

Our YouTube channel is filled with inspiring podcasts, behind the scenes escapades and lots of cooking.

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