knife making experience day for 1

knife making experience day for 1

What is involved in the course?


Day 1 

at first, we will sit down with a nice hot brew and give you a brief of how the day will run. 


you will then get to choose which knife design feels right for you. Once the blank is chosen its then time to light up the forge where we can reach tempretures ove nearly 1000c, at this stage you will learn the priciples of heat treating as well as obviously creating big balls of fire.


After all the fire and fun its then time to create some sparks on the belt grinder, then its a quick polish of the blade and time for the handle to be clamped on.


Day 2

coffee because its important then a spot of handle shaping and polishing followed by a one to one sharpening tuition so you can learn to keep your knife as sharp as stephen frys witt.


if you're a foodie/chef/passionate home cook or just love making things then this will most definetly float your hyperthetical boat.