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Top 5 tips for a perfect dinner party.

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Dinner parties are something truly special, its about more than just what's on your plate that matters, its about connection, a way of bringing friends and loved ones together to reminisce about the good old days, which is something we need more than ever in these current times and obviously the wine, the wine is important.

Now close your eyes, just for second and focus on your fondest memory being sat around a dining table, surrounded by friends, family or even close work colleges, I'm sure your mind wonders off pulling interesting, hilarious and maybe even borderline offensive conversations forward, you can probably even remember the witty yet possibly rather cringey games you played or the smell of the incredibly indulgent dessert you had, its experiences like these that you will cherish forever.

We thought we would give you 5 tips that would make your dinner party something to remember for years to come, let's begin.

1) wine! yes that's right, choosing a nice wine is a great way to start the dinner party, and we recommend going for something local that supports a local producer or something that's a little bit special, if you can find something that has a quirky back story, for example bourbon barrel aged red wine or wine that's been aged under the sea, it adds a bit of mystery and becomes a talking point of conversation.

2) Candles, How many? 4 won't be enough this time.

Candles are a great way to add ambience and a feeling of warmth to the evening, however we do not suggest scented candles as the blissful aromas from the kitchen will get your guests mouths watering and tease their senses which is exactly what you want (A sentence nigella lawson would be proud of)

3) Menu

Writing out a menu titled with their name and a personal witty note for each of your guests will make them feel like they are at a swanky restaurant, this will add A touch of class to the evening. Every Michelin starred chef we have worked with got to where they are because they care about the fine details, it may just be a dinner party but if you want to elevate the whole experience this is a great way to do so.


Music is a great way to set the mood for the evening, create a playlist of all of your favourite songs but begin with something a little bit easier on the ears, then build up the tempo as the evening progresses, by the end of it you will be dancing on the dinner table getting your groove on to Gangnam style whilst your not so better half is swinging from the curtains, yelling I love you to everyone. ok lets hope it doesn't get that extreme, but you get the idea.

5) Games

There is nothing better than playing a few games once the delicious, warming food has been consumed and the wine is starting to flow. A quick quiz is a great idea as it gets everyone involved at the same time, you can also write the questions yourself so it can be more personal to your group, keep it short and sweet, A quiz of 20 questions is plenty.

(we highly suggest taking a lateral flow test before attending any gathering)

These are our 5 tips but what would you add? don't forget to share this blog post with your friends as it could one day benefit you when you next dine with them.

Thanks for reading and have a positively splendid Day.

All the very best Dan at Pareusi.

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