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Artisan craft or mass manufacturing

Why Should you Choose Artisan Goods Over Mass Manufactured Products?

If you are looking for high-quality products that are unique, creative, and meaningful, you might want to consider artisan goods over mass manufactured products. Artisan goods are products that are made by skilled craftsmen and women who use traditional methods and tools to create their products. They are not mass produced or farmed on an industrial scale, but rather made in small batches or on a small scale. Artisan goods have many benefits over mass manufactured products, and here are some of them:

1) Quality

One of the main benefits of artisan goods is their quality. Artisan goods are made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship that reflect the passion and expertise of the artisans. They are not limited by the most efficient production techniques or the cheapest ingredients, but rather have the freedom to experiment and try new things. Artisan goods are also more durable and long-lasting than mass manufactured products, which may compromise on quality to produce items in bulk..


Another benefit of artisan goods is their uniqueness. Artisan goods are more creative and original than mass manufactured products, which often have the same design and shape. Artisan goods are handcrafted and not made by machines, which means that they have more variations and personality. Each artisan product is one-of-a-kind and has its own story and history. Artisan goods can also be customized or personalized to suit your preferences and needs.

3) Traceability

A third benefit of artisan goods is their traceability. Artisan goods have more provenance and transparency than mass manufactured products, which may come from unknown or unethical sources. Artisan goods are made locally or regionally, not imported from another country. They are also made from traceable ingredients or materials, which means that you can know exactly where they came from and how they were made. This can help you make more informed and responsible choices as a consumer.

4) Community

A fourth benefit of artisan goods is their community impact. Artisan goods support local communities and small businesses, while mass manufactured products benefit large corporations and factories. By buying artisan goods, you are supporting the livelihoods and cultures of the artisans and their families. You are also contributing to the local economy and the environment by reducing transportation costs and emissions. Artisan goods can also foster a sense of connection and belonging among consumers who share similar values and tastes.

5) Meaning

A fifth benefit of artisan goods is their meaning. Artisan goods have more personal value and significance than mass manufactured products, which may lack originality and soul. Artisan goods are not just products, but expressions of art and culture. They reflect the vision and identity of the artisans who made them. They also represent your own style and personality as a consumer. Artisan goods can also be more memorable and sentimental than mass manufactured products, as they can be given as gifts or passed down as heirlooms.


In our opinion, Artisan goods are better than mass manufactured products in many ways. They offer higher quality, uniqueness, traceability, community impact, and meaning. They are not just products, but experiences that enrich your life.

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