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Who uses our knives?


Our knives

All of our beautiful knives are made to order from the very finest materials.

The blades - Each handmade knife is created from 1095 high carbon steel that is sourced from the smouldering foundries of Sheffield, we use this steel not only for its incredible edge holding capabilities but like a slightly warn vintage Chesterfield its physical appearance improves with age.

The handles -  We keep things classy, natural and elegant when it comes to our handles by only using some of the most exquisite exotic woods on the planet from ethically sourced suppliers, we then add a beautiful gleaming polish using pure natural beeswax from the hives across the road, this leaves your knife with the floral sweet scent of organic honey.

The presentation - Each knife is served in its very own Black and Gold presentation box with contrasting brass fittings, A certificate of authenticity and A hand written note from its maker.