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5 tips on how to stay motivated

I was recently invited to do a small talk at Cornwall colleges industry week, covering the subject of where working in hospitality can take you, I also shared things I've learned and experienced on our journey, the reaction from the students was incredible.

After reflecting on this I thought to myself, why not create a list of 5 key points that will hopefully help you to achieve what you want with your life.

So here it is.

1) Goals.

Without goals you are going no where.

Its vital that you get yourself a nice notebook, something rather smart and special then in your neatest writing list out all of your goals, it helps to put them into different categories.

Here is list of examples.

  • Career

  • business

  • relationship

  • Travel

  • Personal

  • academic

The reason I say to write them down neatly in a beautiful, special notebook is because these goals are important, after all they are going to shape your future, its also important to write down your struggles, your achievements, your ideas, owning a notebook is also a great way to track your progress and once you look back through the pages and physically see your improvements and your goals being ticked off, that feeling of accomplishment will drive you forward to set bigger goals.

2) Start.

The hardest thing to do when trying to achieve your goals is to actually make a start.

It may seem incredibly daunting, almost like staring up at a colossal, intimidating mountain but one thing to remember is to take each step at a time, maybe even break you goal down into smaller chunks then try and achieve that part of it everyday, then who knows within a week or two BOOM you have completed it.

Remember this quote whenever you don't feel like starting. "Do the harder things in life now, with no hesitation, to make your future easier and brighter"

3) smash through your goals like a juggernaut.

Once you have got your goals set and ticked a few off your list, use your momentum and don't stop, if you feel like you can get one completed in a day then smash it out, maybe one of your bigger goals that would take a month, you could graft that little bit harder and complete it in 2 weeks, Be persistent and never give up.

4) Find inspiration

What do you want in life? what job do you want? would you like to run your own business? what ever it is write out your perfect life then open your eyes and see if anyone you know is doing similar things to what you would like to achieve, don't be afraid to ask questions do whatever it takes to figure out what steps you need to make that will get you where you want to be.

Create an inspiration board, cover it with ideas of what your perfect life would be, add pictures and inspiring quotes as having that vision can be rocket fuel to drive you forward.

5) Harness any negativity.

While setting out to better yourself you may encounter those types of people who will try to bring you down, who will tell you "why try you're just going to fail anyway" or "that's a lot of effort, why bother" its these people you should thank once you're a success, the reason why is because when you learn to turn their insults and putdowns into fuel to fire your drive it gives you a huge burst of motivation to basically say "watch me absolutely crush it whilst you get left behind" prove them wrong, don't let them have the satisfaction and if you face any obstacles or failures, which are highly likely, take a step back, work out a new plan and commit until you break through.

I really hope this helps you and if you know someone who might benefit from reading this then please share, lets all absolutely smash through 2022.

Please also share any advice, ideas or tips you have found that work for you in the comments on this blog.

Have a positively splendid year.

All the very best Dan at Pareusi.

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