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5 reasons why working in hospitality is a good career choice.

It's no denying that working in hospitality can be extremely stressful and rather tough at times, but without doubt there are some incredibly rewarding benefits, here are 5 reasons we think working in hospitality is a good thing.

1)The friendships: when you're working in a high pressure environment that's incredibly fast paced, tensions can rise and emotions tend to run wild, however once you go through that with your fellow colleges and battle your way through service where nothing but passion, caffeine and pure adrenaline are fuelling you an intense bond forms from loyalty, respect and love for the craft.Your colleges become more like family as you always have each others backs, when someone is down you pull them up and like a family there may be a few arguments but once service is over all is forgotten and the slate is always cleaned. As Marco Pierre white said "service is service" and these types of friendships are forever.

2)Graft: No we don't mean the type of graft that you hear about on love island, when you work in hospitality you learn how far you can push yourself when it comes to your work ethic, you learn that no matter how tired you may be that you can always graft that little bit more, not only is this good for you physically but without doubt mentally, it hardens your mind and this is incredibly transferable to everyday life when things get tough.

3)opportunities: if your looking for a job that can take you places, hospitality is probably one of the best, with the right training and experience you can travel the world on a super yacht cooking and serving billionaires, rockstars and celebrities or work the F1 circuit helping to cater for all the racing teams, you can sign up to work a ski season in Japan, France or Canada or gain an encyclopaedic knowledge of fine cuisine by working in Michelin star restaurants, quite literally your the opportunities are limitless.

4)local knowledge: when you work in hospitality you get to learn about all the local suppliers who are growing the most incredible produce, the seasonalities and form a greater appreciation of what's on your doorstep, which is incredibly handy when you throw your own dinner parties where you can then showcase what's on offer in your area.

5)experiences: the experiences that are part of working in hospitality are some of which you will remember for life, whether its going out with your head chef and the rest of the brigade foraging or fishing, going shooting and learning about game or heading to a vineyard to gain a better understanding of wine, on these experiences not only will you expand your current knowledge but you will have a great laugh with the people you are closest to and as we all know, its the experiences that we remember.

these are our five reasons but if you could add one more, what would it be?

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