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The Pareusi classic, Neil read edition

The Pareusi classic, Neil read edition


Elegant, extremely unique and incredibly versatile, this utterly exquisite knife in collaboration with artist Neil read is certainly something rather special.

Developed for over two years we are now very excited to make this wonderful Piece of sharp art available for pre order, as you may imagine, this one takes an awful lot of work and patience to complete which is why there is a three month waiting list for this majestic looking creation.

The blade is 20cm long and formed from 1095 high carbon steel from the smouldering foundries of the city of steel itself that is Sheffield.

The handle is crafted from vibrant Purpleheart wood that is sourced from Africa and polished with beeswax from the beehives across the road from our workshop.

If you’re looking for something extraordinary for your kitchen, THIS IS IT.

Expected delivery will be within two months of placing The initial order