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Pareusi medium plate

Pareusi medium plate


This is a great size plate for your smaller starter size dishes or a refined main meal to be presented on.


 Made from clay thats sourced only 500 yards from our workshop in St.Agnes our tableware is not just local but also steeped in history, the location of the clay pits used to be home to a millitary base during 1939 thats situated on the very edge of the cornish coast, where some remains are still seen to this day. there are also other famous potters who use this clay as its completley unique in quality, one potter thats known very well, and no its not Harry is Leach pottery which is known all over the world.


  • Each piece is individually handmade, thrown on the potter’s wheel, carefully turned and glazed by hand before being fired for over 12  hours up to 1250 degrees centigrade.
  • All items are made with food safe materials and suitablefor the dishwasher. I recommend handwashing with care instead of a dishwasher as thisis gentler and preferred to maintain the quality of the piece.
  • They are not suitable for oven or microwave use. To avoid staining, rinse after