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knife making Experience day for two

knife making Experience day for two


Gift voucher option: once purchased we will send you one of our knife making expreience day gift vouchers for you to give to the recipient, they can then get in contact with us to organise the dates that suit them best.


What is involved in the course?

both days will start at 10:00 and finish at around 13:00


Day 1


At first, we will sit down with a nice hot brew and give you a brief of how the day will run.


You will then have the oppurtunity to pick the knife design of your choice, along with the type of exotic wood and pins so it will be completley customised to your specifications.


After this its then time to create some sparks on our big belt grinding machine which will thin the blade out. the next part of the process is to then clamp the handles together ready to be shaped the following day.


Day 2

Time to roll your sleaves up and put in some elbow grease. this is where you will shape your handle to fit your hand so its unique to your grip. once satisfied with the shape, we will apply the beeswax that is harvested from the bee hives across from our workshop.


Whilst the wax sets we will get to the forge where you can experience the fire and flames of the heat treating process on one of our demonstration knives.


After all the fun by the forge its time to head to the japanese wet stones for a full tuition on how to sharpen and maintain your knife.


Finally box it up in one of our beautiful presentation boxes and leave with a beaming smile on your stunning face.

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