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10 French culinary terms every chef needs to know

French cuisine is a big deal. You may be surprised to hear this but at the root of most modern dishes it will have probably stemmed from the classical gastronomy of this beautiful and country.

Here are 10 French culinary terms that every chef should know:

1. Dépouille: Removing the fatty layer of "skin" that appears on the tops of broths, stews, and sauces.

2. En croute: Refers to food that is wrapped in dough or a pastry and baked.

3. En papillote: Refers to food that is wrapped in parchment paper or foil so it will cook in its own steam.

4. Abaisser: To roll out a pastry to the desired thickness (using a rolling pin, perhaps).

5. Abatis: Commonly refers to poultry giblets. That is, the less “noble” parts of a bird: legs, neck, heart, kidneys, liver, gizzards, etc.

6. Appareil: The mix of ingredients used to make a recipe.

7. Badigeonner: To slather with egg yolk using a brush.

8. Bain-Marie: Sometimes called a double boiler.

9. Chiffonade: A technique for cutting vegetables into long string-like pieces.

10. Consommé: Clarified bouillon.

I hope this is helpful in some way, if not then at least you know a little more French for your next trip.

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